IoT projects which we are proud of who contain mechanics, electronics or/and software

Hoe Univé met een LoRA/IoT-schoorsteensensor brand in huis gaat voorkomen

Site survey voor project “VISTA” bij Visser Duiven

Work student (Social) Marketing & Communication

Part-time for 4 - 8 hours a week Job description Every day is different at ICR3ATE! From the beginning of 2020 we are looking for an entrepreneurial trainee. You will support us with the conception and creation of online social content and the communication between...

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Custom molded fuel tank

Problem This product is a solution for two problems that a fanatic motorcyclist ran into. The first problem was the fuel capacity of the fuel tank for long journeys through unpopulated areas. The second problem was the unfortunate shape of one of the cases located on...

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Presentation IoT technique for Davinc3i

Internet or Flowers & Plants: Applications of IoT in floriculture DaVinc3i community is organising a meeting at FloraHolland in Aalsmeer on 29 June. Not only people are online, but also things. This also applies to machines, cars or cold stores within the...

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I’d like to give you our big compliments for the beautiful work you’ve done in a short period of time. This morning we showed it to a number of colleagues … their reactions: ‘cool’ ‘nice work’ and ‘Heroes’.

Innovationmanager, Insurance company

Great to read all this. This was actually a lot more feedback than I could have hoped for. Thank you so much for that!
B. Klosse

Team KAS

We were very glad that you looked into every detail and tried to understand the specific problems behind our value proposition. The design session was very insightful for us. And definitely it was a good decision for [….] to cooperate with ICR3ATE at this stage of development. Hope we cooperate with ICR3ATE also further.

CEO, C.M. / Kazachstan

Whitepaper “the art of Prototyping”

You’ve probably had an innovative idea that made you think: ‘I can conquer the world with this!’. You may have noticed that when you explain such an idea to someone else, they often understand part of your story. Many people find it difficult to imagine a new idea.

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