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Since 2015 ICR3ATE has consisted of a close and flexible team of IoT experts, developers, consultants and project leader. In recent years, we have successfully helped several larger and smaller clients, such as Univé, Vista en Citizen Science. 

We like to help companies, organizations and professionals (product developers/ inventors) to innovate by developing groundbreaking prototypes.  We prefer to do this in close co-operation with our clients.

Today’s industry is dominated by conceptual thinkers. But you also need mindfull makers. There is a shortage of people in this society who are more practical, creative and inventive. People who can develop software, operate equipment and measuring instruments, who can build devices and (test) setups. Precisely this type of people is much needed if you want to materialize a conceptual idea into a working prototype. At ICR3ATE you will find exactly that type of person.

Our clients are very diverse. Because of our special one stop shop approach – we have electronics, mechanics and software under one roof in our multidisciplinary lab – we do not limit ourselves to one or two sectors. That makes the work very varied and innovative.

In addition, we have a carefully selected network of partners which we are very proud of. A nice mix of (inter)national companies and education in the region.

Whitepaper “the art of Prototyping”

Probably you’ve had an innovative idea where you thought: ‘I can conquer the world with this!’. You may have noticed that when you explain such an idea to someone else, they often understand part of your story. Many people find it difficult to imagine a new idea.

Making such an idea tangible makes it easier to take others with you. This is exactly what we mean by prototyping: materializing your innovative idea. In this whitepaper you can read from which perspective ICR3ATE does this and why it is important. You will also read which factors ensure a successful prototype and we will share a number of examples of prototypes that we have created for our clients.

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